Custommade is easy to wear and easy to love. It is urban, essential, modern-minded and perfect for the cosmopolitan woman. It is simple sophistication with natural, uncomplicated designs. Christian Dam is the creative director and founded Custommade with Anne Rasmussen as head of design. Together they have invented essentials that are understated enough for relaxing over the weekend and easy enough to dress up for a sophisticated trip away. It is evident that there is a special focus on fabrics and detail which provides comfortable elegance and creates a personal look for the modern woman. It is Danish with a French twist – edge and energy with a funky vibe. Kiti adores this eye-catching, understated exciting brand, providing femininity with a boyish charm. At Kiti we stock Custommade tops for all occasions, elegant dresses, easy wearing trousers, cool blouses and their signature jacket which changes seasonally. It is an internationally-known fashion brand and it is vital to the Kiti range.