Essentiel Antwerp

In 1999 Esfan Eghtessadi and Inge Onsea launched a t-shirt collection in Antwerp that was immediately successful and sold like hot cakes. Four seasons later, they started to offer knitwear, jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers in trendy colours, with new materials and accessories being added to the collection – Essentiel was born. Their mission is to be your pink pill to battle boredom and dress your emotions. They promise that there will be fireworks! Esfan and Inge’s vision is to be an undisputed leader in affordable luxury fashion and to ensure constant renewal of styles throughout the year – refreshing the palate time after time. They are passionate in everything they do, stimulating exotic and wild ideas, making a difference. Essentiel stands for luxurious, refreshing and offbeat fashion, renowned for its graphic or floral prints and trendy mixes of colour. Kiti regards Essentiel as one of her cornerstone brands and is hugely proud to have them in the Kiti collection.